Andressa Andrade

Hi! My name is Andressa Andrade, and I understand teenagers.

For real.

Writers, businesses, and brands are all eager to capture the attention of young audiences. Every day, we see new YA books hit the shelves of the bookstores. Every other day, there’s a new marketing campaign competing for the youngster’s short attention span. Teens and young adults are the focus of many markets these days.

The problem?

Most of the content targeted at the young public sucks. Big time.

Not everyone understands young people, especially teens. They underestimate them. They patronize them. And of course, they lose their respect.

But you know what? I believe young audiences deserve better.

I love young adults. They are incredible people, full of potential and dreams and passion. Given the right content and attention, they have everything it takes to thrive and to become the stars they are meant to be.

That’s why I chose to make them my target audience in my freelance writing.

And that’s why I created this blog with the mission to help YOU become a better YA writer and better understand your audience. Ready to get started? Enjoy my posts!

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