Need someone to create content for your mental health awareness website? I’m your writer!

Not everyone is ready to write about all the sensitive topics surrounding mental health. It takes more than just research and skill. It takes heart and compassion.

Because of my experiences with mental illness, I understand the struggle of those who have to fight their minds every day. I also understand how frustrating it can be for family and friends who want to help but don’t know how.

That’s why I specialize in writing content for them. I write using simple language, with kindness and empathy. I write to educate and to empower. Fighting the stigma and making people’s lives easier is my personal mission.

I write for organizations such as #icare and Teen Talk Hotline. Feel free to visit my portfolio to read some of my best work.

If you share that passion with me, I want to join you.

I specialize in writing blog posts and articles.

All of my posts are:

  • written in good English, free of grammar and spelling mistakes and with great readability;
  • formatted for the web, including whitespace, H2 and H3 headings, bullet lists, etc.;
  • thoroughly researched, including links to relevant sources in the body of the text;
  • accompanied by a powerful call-to-action to increase audience engagement;
  • optimized for search engines, including keywords naturally in the body of the text, without sacrificing the quality of the content.


Ready to work together? Have a question? Email me at andressa.andrade AT live DOT com and let’s talk!