Work with me

I specialize in writing blog posts and articles targeting a young audience.

I am passionate about writing for teenagers and young adults. Being in my early twenties myself, I have an insider view of this particular audience, so I know how to talk to them in their own terms. I engage with them on social media on a daily basis, which allows me to keep up with what is trendy and important for them.

As a bonus, I am a native Brazilian, which means I understand one of the most engaged audiences on social media. Brazilian teenagers are a passionate public, consisting on one of the most important markets for several brands. I know how to connect to them.

I am especially interested in writing about books and language learning since those topics are strongly related to my Languages (Portuguese and English) major, but I’m open to talk about writing about other topics.


Ready to collaborate? Have a question? E-mail me at andressa.andrade AT live DOT com and let’s talk!